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Jennifer Filzen

Jennifer Filzen

Jennifer is the owner of Rock Star Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Monterey, California. Jennifer has marketed online for just about every industry you can name, but she specializes in the auto repair industry.

She is a content writer helping businesses tell their unique stories online. Whether it’s through crafting SEO (search engine optimization) content and social media posts or by writing upwards of 90 pages of original website content,  Jennifer helps businesses succeed with their online presence.

When she’s not managing her marketing agency, Jennifer enjoys West Coast Swing dancing (and teaching) with her husband, Rene. Jennifer is also a certified scuba diver and enjoys traveling.

You can learn more about Jennifer by visiting her websites:
Rene Arreola

Rene Arreola

Rene is a freelance illustrator who previously worked for some 20-plus years in the commercial printing world. Coming up as a delivery driver and bindery worker, he parlayed his interest in graphics by moving up into the world of digital prepress and graphic design for print.

In 2019, Rene made the jump from employee to self-employed when he launched his freelance career in art. In addition to freelancing, he works with Jennifer at Rock Star Marketing running the Rock Star Marketing Media Division.

Rene is also an artist, with skills in drawing and painting. He works largely in the genres of fiction art, specifically imaginative realism and comic book storytelling. He is always developing and working on personal intellectual properties in the fields of commercial illustration and self-published art and stories.

When Rene isn’t working, he also enjoys West Coast Swing dancing (and teaching) with his wife, Jennifer. Chances are, if Rene isn’t working on a freelance assignment or graphic design project, he’s either dancing or working on honing his craft at art.

You can learn more about Rene by visiting his websites: