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Episode 29

Human Minded with Michael and Michelle Pokabla In this episode, we catch up with our good friends Michelle and Michael Pokabla. Together, they own Human


Episode 28

Happy New Year! It’s a hostful episode as we return in 2021! We’ll catch you up on what we’ve been up to with our different


Episode 27

The Amazing Clarks We chat with The Amazing Clarks! Husband & wife duo Anthony and Melanie Clark are award winning life & relationships coaches. For


Episode 26

What We Spend Our Money On We’re talking about what we spend our money on. And, Rene likes Doritos 🙂 Seriously, as self-employed business owners,


Episode 25

Celebrating Our 10th Year Wedding Anniversary On July 17, 2020, Jennifer and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! Together, we reflect on the last 10

M+B Episode 24 thumbnail

Episode 24 Our guests for this episode are Brisa Alfaro and Jason Goss. Together, they are the creators of the #beGREATER and #NoMoreBadDays movements. Their messages

M+B Episode 23 thumbnail

Episode 23

Getting Caught Up! We’re having a hostful in this episode as we talk about marketing for Holon Studios, Rock Star Marketing’s Virtual Summit, and more

M+B Episode 22 thumbnail

Episode 22

Esther and Jon Graham We’re hanging out with Esther and Jon Graham from Delaware. Esther owns two Early Childhood Centers and is a coach and

M+B Episode 21 thumbnail

Episode 21

Igniting Your Bliss with Sonji and Stephen Millet In this episode we have special guests Sonji and Stephen Millet. They help their clients create life

M+B Episode 20 thumbnail

Episode 20

Starting To Dance A Little More and Measuring Progress We talk about our newfound joy of dancing while sheltering in place. We also share our