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M+B Episode 18 thumbnail

Episode 18

Connecting with Jennifer Filzen (and Rene, too!) We’re a little over 4 weeks into COVID-19 “shelter in place” orders (in California.) Missing that human connection,

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Episode 17

Robert and Barabara Henderson of Henderson’s Line-Up and SuperSteer Products In this episode we interview Robert and Barbara Henderson of Grants Pass, Oregon. They are

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Episode 16

Connection Talking about “connection” today. Recalling our busy travel month in March, going to Kansas and Florida literally back to back. We talk about connection

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M+B Episode 15 thumbnail

Episode 15

A Conversation with Trina L Martin In this episode we talk with Trina L. Martin. Trina is an author, speaker, consultant, and podcast host. Trina

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Episode 14

Working Vacation and Running a Business Jen and Rene just returned from a working vacation in Maui. In this video they discuss the up’s and

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M+B Episode 13 thumbnail

Episode 13

Rebranding and Work Processes We talk about freshening up the look of Rock Star Marketing after receiving some branding critiques. Jen discusses how business coaching

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M+B Episode 12 thumbnail

Episode 12

Getting Caught Up! In this episode, we talk about getting caught up as we wind down the busy month of January 2020. There’s a recap

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Episode 11 thumbnail

Episode 11

Carl and Maureen Hutchinson While at the Rock Star Marketing 2020 Rock Star Summit in Pacific Grove, California, we sat down with Carl and Maureen

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Episode 10 thumbnail

Episode 10

Visiting Family in Florida – December 2019 In this video, we visit Jennifer’s family in Florida. We sit down with Jennifer’s mom, Lydia Filzen. Lydia

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