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Episode 9

https://youtu.be/a0ZOPi468n0 In this video, we talk about value in business and partnerships. Oh, and Rene also promotes his new 2020 fantasy art calendar!

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Episode 8 thumbnail

Episode 8

https://youtu.be/AsGK9cMUQ2gJennifer and Rene were in Truckee, California for a business related trip. Jennifer taught one of her classes in online digital marketing for the automobile

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Episode 6 thumbnail

Episode 6

https://youtu.be/roDKXHAqR_8Fresh back from our Florida vacation, this week was re-entry. We talk about receiving business coaching as well as teaching.

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Episode 5 thumbnail

Episode 5

Jennifer and Rene talk about their recent trip back home to see Jennifer’s family in Florida. And we picked up new ballcaps while we were

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Episode 4 thumbnail

Episode 4

https://youtu.be/ZvH0x_ARZgU Jennifer talks about her business coach, marketing, and selling her book, What Dancing Taught Me About Running A Successful Business. Rene talks about some

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Episode 3 thumbnail

Episode 3

https://youtu.be/ZUWexSopurM In this episode, we bring you into our creative hub…our home! See our working home offices where Jen writes and Rene creates his art.

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Episode 2 thumbnail

Episode 2

In episode 2, Jen and Rene talk about her marketing business as well as their dance business. We even get into discussing a little bit

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Marriage Plus Business Episode 1

Episode 1

Introducing Jennifer and Rene Jennifer Filzen and Rene Arreola are two creative types who work together and are married. Jennifer is the owner of Rock

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